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Meat-free ‘Moving Mountains’ vegan burger review

As a big fan of quality burgers and steaks – going meat-free wasn’t top of my agenda this January, even with the advent of a new year and the usual ‘Veganuary‘ trend.

However, I’ve seen and heard good things about the current ‘crop’ of meat-free burgers so I tried one at Gusto on Lloyd Street this week.

I plumped for the meat-free burger by Moving Mountains, the plant-based meat-free food manufacturer founded by Simeon Van der Molen in London. Their meat-free products are already in a number of restaurants and supermarkets, and they’re looking to go up against the likes of Beyond Meat & Impossible Burger.

I’d heard these new style vegan burgers were good – the ones that look and feel like meat, not stuffed with veggies – but hadn’t had the chance to try one.

First impressions

It looked like any other burger, perched on the odd shaped wooden board with a nice silver dish of fries. Brown, meaty and burger-like.

I had a feeling if someone order it for me without telling me it wasn’t meant, I wouldn’t have noticed at this point.

The taste & texture

This is the biggie. It can look like meat all it wants – but if the taste and texture are wrong it’s a disaster.

Happily it tastes good. Better than good actually. It’s great.

The texture is uncanny. Considering the ingredients I’m not sure how they’ve managed to do that.

I still stand by my earlier statement – if I didn’t know this was fake-meat, I wouldn’t have guessed it was.

My only additional comments would that it could be a little bigger – but that’s a minor point. I had this as part of the Gold Set Menu so wasn’t sure of the price – from what I’d heard it was probably a bit pricey. Having checked the a la cart menu its actually the same price as their standard meat burger, £14.95.

Give meat-free a try

If you’ve never had a meat-free burger it’s worth a try, even if you’re not vegan. There appears to be some health benefits from reducing your overall meat intake so you’ve nothing to lose.

The Facts.
Meal: Gusto Vegan Burger
From: Gusto, Lloyd Street, Spinningfields, Manchester.
Price: £14.95
Overall score: 8/10

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